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Greetings BYS Lacrosse Families,

As we continue in these unprecedented times, we want to take this opportunity to provide an update on the BYS Lacrosse Spring season.  Unfortunately, due to the current Coronavirus situation, the IBLA has made the difficult decision to cancel the Spring 2020 Lacrosse Season.  As a result, the BYS Lacrosse Program will be refunding registration fees paid, minus the $50 fundraising fee (per athlete).

We do plan to distribute the Fundraising cards to allow you the opportunity to sell them to recoup your fundraising fees paid.  Or you can keep them and take advantage of all the local discounts.  Your coaches will be reaching out to you with a plan on how to distribute the Fundraising cards keeping social distancing rules in mind.  As you know, BYS is a non-profit organization, the funds from the fundraising cards will be used to recoup some of the fees that we have incurred to date (i.e., ProPlayer facility rental, printing of the Fundraising Cards, Sports Engine administrative fees, Coaches background checks and player insurance). Please stay tuned for additional updates regarding potential future opportunities to play lacrosse locally via emails and Facebook.  

We cannot express how sad we are that we won’t be able to see you all on the field and sidelines this year.  Do your coaches a favor and get outside and keep practicing those stick skills!   

We wish all our BYS lacrosse families health and patience during this incredulous time. 


BYS Lacrosse Board

Your 2019 U10 Wauconda Bulldog Spring season and LAX Geneva Champions


Contacts us at:

See what people are saying about why they like BYS Lacrosse

"After practice, every kid comes off the field looking like a winner. It shows on their face. The coaches are very positive and encouraging with the kids."

"The sense of community within the Bulldogs Youth Sports family."

"Homegrown competitive team; kids & families"

"Local program; dedicated board members to keep it going & help feed a high school program. Love the peoples feedback from last year was utilized...having less coaches on the sidelines was definitely an improvement!"


About our Lacrosse Program

2019 Season

  • 2 full High School Club teams JV and Varsity 
  • We had 119 kids this season.
  • We have 4 youth teams (U8, U10, U12, U14 A)
  • We participated in 5 non reg season tournaments
  • The U10 team won their spring season championship and LAX Geneva Championship

2018 Season

  • Fielded our 1st High School Club team which ended up a respectable 8-4!  
  • We had 120 kids this season.  6 were girls!
  • We have 5 teams (U8, U10, U12, U14 A, U14B)
  • We participated in 4 non reg season tournaments   

2017 Season

  • We had 110 kids this season.  6 were girls!
  • We have 5 teams (U9, U11, U13-1, U13-2, U15)
  • We had 4 new coaches with 2 Jr Coaches
  • We participated in 5 non reg season tournaments - our U13 team won the Lacrosse America Prairie State Games Championship!  
  • Our 12 kid U9 team made it to the Crossroads Cup Championship!  

2016 Season

  • We had 100 kids this season.  4 were girls!
  • We have 5 teams (U9, U11, U13A, U13B, U15).
  • We had 5 new coaches with 1 Jr Coach.
  • We added a practice locations
  • We participated in 2 post season tournaments
  • We had our 1st Fall Lacrosse team

2015 Season

  • Brad Watkins, Nick Suda, Rachelle Watkins, Maureen Stephan and Shannon Doschadis decide it's time to bring Lacrosse to the Wauconda area under Bulldog Youth Sports
  • We planned for 2 teams and we had 4 teams (U9, U11A, U11B, U13).
  • We had 73 players (1 girl)
  • We had 14 Coaches 
  • We had 1 practice location
  • We joined the NWCYL Federation.
  • We participated in 1 post season tournament

US Lacrosse

Founded in 1998, US Lacrosse is the national governing body of lacrosse.

Through responsive and effective leadership, we provide programs and services to inspire participation while protecting the integrity of the sport.

We envision a future that offers people everywhere the opportunity to discover, learn, participate in, enjoy, and ultimately embrace the shared passion of the lacrosse experience.

  • Make the Sport Safer – We have invested more than $500,000 in safety research projects, studying everything from head injuries to hydration.
  • Train and Certify Coaches – More than 20,000 people have participated in our Coaching Education Program, helping them to teach the sport correctly and safely.
  • Train and Certify Officials – Nearly 6,900 officials took our online courses in 2012 alone, helping them to keep games safe and fair.
  • Create Opportunities to Play – Through initiatives like our First Stick Program, we have provided 1,028 grants since 2000, totaling more than 27,000 pieces of equipment that have given hundreds of thousands of kids the opportunity to play.
  • Elevate the Sport's Visibility – Our 27-time world champion U.S. National Teams set the standard for excellence in international lacrosse.
  • Pioneer National Standards – Our Youth Rules & Best Practices Guidebooks, which focus on age-appropriate player development, team play, sportsmanship and safety, have been distributed to more than 320,000 players, parents, coaches and officials.
  • Educate the Lacrosse Community – Our US Lacrosse Convention has grown to bring more than 7,000 coaches, officials, administrators and fans together each January.

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Did You Know?

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the US!


Pro Football Hall of Famer, Jim Brown played Lacrosse for 4 years at Syracuse University and is considered by many to be the greatest to ever play the game of lacrosse. 


Lacrosse for Dummies

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Understanding How Lacrosse is Played

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